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 I majored in Chinese. I was never really good at... by Martha Beck at
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I majored in Chinese. I was never really good at Chinese but I really, really benefited from having been exposed to Asian philosophy early in my life

Martha Beck

No, I majored in biology, in a pre-med program

Neil Diamond

I majored in geology in college but have majored in Herbert Hoover ever since

Lou Henry Hoover

At Harvard I majored in chemistry with a strong inclination toward math

William Standish Knowles

So I majored in Drama, did all the plays that were possible to do, skated through school in order to be in every production on stage or backstage in whatever capacity and I came to New York looking for work in the summers

Linda Lavin

I noticed that almost everyone I went to college with has worked at something other than the subject they majored in. I guess that' s one of the reasons for campus unrest

Kent McCord

When I went to college, my goal was to be a college history teacher. I majored in history

George J. Mitchell

I majored in fashion design in school, and I have always wanted to design my own line of clothing, jewelry, and stuff like that; so this was just a step for me in that direction

Diana Ross