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 Guessing what the pitcher is going to throw is... by Hank Aaron at QuoteAbout.net
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I don't think you need to go looking for the enemy. He's going to look for you

Willie Aames

Guessing what the pitcher is going to throw is eighty percent of being a successful hitter. The other twenty percent is just execution

Hank Aaron

I don't remember what was going through my mind, but what was going through my body was fear and terror. I had been on the road with Johnny and working gigs and playing a lot of the organ clubs

John Abercrombie

So as soon as the land was worth something and there was money in the bank, all of a sudden everybody got interested in non-discrimination, in who's really going to administer this stuff

Neil Abercrombie

He told us he was going to take crime out of the streets. He did. He took it into the damn White House

Ralph Abernathy

Bring on your tear gas, bring on your grenades, your new supplies of Mace, your state troopers and even your national guards. But let the record show we ain't going to be turned around

Ralph Abernathy

I'm not going to just say nice things about everybody unless I mean it

F. Murray Abraham

If you're a good singer, you're going to make anything sound good

Casey Abrams